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Martin Payyappilly In the year 1991 Martin Payyappilly started his career in the field of personal development. He is an accomplished corporate trainer and, one of the greatest inspirational public speakers and success motivators of India. In India he has trained more than 15,000 people from all walks of life. He is an author of a number of books and articles. His well-known books are ‘Vijayarahasyam’ & ‘Ningalkum Vijayam Nedam’. He is trained in Neuro linguistic Programme, Silva& Alpha mind Control methods, Family counselling, Hypno-Therapy etc. He is doing research in Behavioral Science. He was lecturer in Morning Star College (Angamally), Sophia College, (Perumbavoor), Sai teja Vidhaya Niketham (Rayavaram), Little Flower College (VijayaWada). His wife is Sabeena and he has a daughter Aparna, and a son Godwin. The Academy of Success The Academy of success is an educational organization. It is dedicated to provide education, personal training, meditation, memory training, public speaking, and group discussion, interview training, communicative English etc. Academy specially gives training to B.Tech, Mtech, MBA, MCA, students and professionals. Through our course one gets new direction in life, thus making life more meaningful and exciting .One will easily come out of depression, tension, worries and will be free from all the inhibitions, shyness, fear and inferiority complex. It builds upon a positive mental attitude towards one’s abilities and skills as a communicator and a motivator of others.